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Joyetech eGo AIO Box Starter Kit – 2100mAh


Joyetech’s eGo AIO Box Starter Kit is an All-in-One type vaping kit available at Artisan Vapor Company. A single 2100mAh battery run the device for quite long time. It carries 2ml e-juice capacity implemented in leak free design. eGo AIO Box Starter Kit features an adjustable and efficient airflow system which enables it to produce bigger clouds. The resistance of eGo AIO Kit is 0.6ohm and the device is available in multiple colors.

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Artisan Vapor Company is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the PAKISTAN. Joyetech Ego AIO Starter Kit is one of the best selling e-cigarette kits available in the market. It is available all across the PAKISTAN at an affordable price of just Rs 2700.

We offer Joyetech Ego AIO Starter Kit in a durable design. It has a high rated 1500 mAh battery so you can vape  for a longer duration. In addition, Joyetech Ego AIO Starter Kit’s vape  tank has a great 2ML e-liquid capacity. It also has a child proof locking system which keeps it protected from children.

Our advanced product Joyetech Ego AIO Starter Kit is a must-have starter kit for any e-cigarette user because of its several great features. It has an advanced airflow system that provides intense clouds or vapors. Joyetech Ego AIO Starter Kit also has 7 interchangeable built-in lights that will personalize your device according to your needs or preferences. It is available in different multi-color designs, and you can buy it in grey-black, white-red, white-black, etc. Joyetech Ego AIO Starter Kit and other vape  e-cigarette kits are widely available at our website. In addition, you can also buy vape e-liquidsmodstanks, and accessories at cheaper price from our website.

Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit is a portable Vaping apparatus with size dimensions of 23mmx43mmx97mm and packs an array of features in it. It stands for innovations and efficiency and delivers a remarkable vape to the vapers. eGo AIO is equipped with 2100mAh battery and hosts 2ml liquid. All the parts are integrated as such that there is not a slight chance of leakage. Moreover, it also has a child lock mechanism and varying indicator lights. The adjustable airflow system allows you to fine tune the amount of airflow by rotating the ring either clockwise or anti-clockwise. eGo AIO is a must have device for MTL vaping offering 0.6ohm resistance.

Features and Specifications Of Joyetech eGo AIO Box Starter Kit

  • Size: 23mm x 43mm x 97mm
  • Battery capacity: 2100mAh
  • Atomizer capacity: 2ml
  • Resistance: 0.6ohm
  • Anti-Leak and Child Proof Mechanism
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Varying indicator lights
  • Color: Black/Black, Black/Grey, Black/Red, White/Yellow, White/White

Items List:

  • eGo AIO Box (1 pcs)
  • BF SS316-0.6ohm MTL (2 Pcs)
  • Spiral mouthpiece (1 pcs)
  • Transparent mouthpiece  (1 pcs)
  • USB Cable  (1 pcs)
  • Quick Start & Warranty Card  (1 pcs)